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AA Ranch Gaiting Clinic Stage 1

Hope Adams -
Bentley Fink -
Katelyn Montgomery

9am Start
Fitness Nutrition
Snaffle bit
Bit work on ground and on horse

10am - 12pm - Suppling Exercises
Fleche Droit - bend straight
correct circles
Counted walk to flatwalk

Greg Bruce - Just Right Equine Dentistry

Jessica Lynn, Equine Herbal maintenance

Dr Kevin Fenton - Equine Chiropractor

1-3 individual problem solving, working with you one on one

Clinic Video - click video to start




Relaxation of the body allows for a trainable horse
Relaxation of the body transforms a posture of tension and hollowness into a softer more flexible maneuverable posture.
Relaxation of the body includes expression of the mouth, flexibility of the jaw, and Poll.
Flexible body muscles, a maneuverable posture and LIFTING OF THE BACK.

 All these qualities promote smoother gaits, less pace, and less step pace in the horse's gaits.
Relaxation of the mind allows a more trainable horse meaning no anxiety and tension.
A relaxed horse is nore in tuned with the rider and less distracted.
Correct Physical development of the gaited horse promotes correct balance even strength and flexibility in both directions for LONG TERM SOUNDNESS and evenness of stride, depth and length.

Stretching the spine and building the top line muscles increase depth and length of stride while transitions to shorter more collected steps develop greater balance of strength.
Conbined these exercises develop full range of motion and smooth correct gaits.

Bit Work lifting vertical and lateral on ground and on horse
Fleche Droit = Bend straight

Travel on a straight line at a slow walk with his head bent 45-90 degree angle

When a horse learns circles, it overweighs the inside shoulder which is out of balance. The Fleche Droit helps the horse find balance equally in both shoulders making circles more balanced. Also stretches outside neck muscles
Fixing circles using lifting contact and bumping upward to lighten the horse also using FLeche Droit.

Counted walk to flat walk -
When horses loose balance and feel heavy on the forehand, transition steps of counted walk to re-establish balance and continue gaiting without stopping forward motion. This will engage the hind quarters lifts the front end as well as raising the horse's back, re-balancing the horse for desired gait.





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