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As a young girl, Hope Adams found her passion for horses and has spent the rest of her life with them. She learned the discipline of the show ring early, starting by showing Quarter Horses as a child and winning some of the top shows. She then moved on to showing Western Pleasure, Trail, and In Hand, winning several awards, buckles and saddles.

I n the 1970's, Hope discovered the rewards and challenges of long distance riding competition in AERC and NATRC events, eventually coordinating many events herself. Hope has ridden several sections of the Tevis Trail, which is ranked as one of the toughest trails in the world in Endurance competition. During this time, she was introduced to gaited horses which made a big impression on her, thus beginning her passion for all things gaited. Hope has trained gaited horses for long distance riding, showing and competition, driving, and pleasure trail riding.

In 1982, Hope took up training horses full time. In 1992 through the present, Hope has specialized in training gaited horses including Tennessee Walking horses, Rocky Mountain gaited horses, Missouri Fox Trotters, Spotted Saddle Horses, Peruvian Pasos, Paso finos and all other gaited breeds. Throughout these years, she has been involved with so many facets of the gaited horse.

Hope moved from Morongo Valley to Anza in 1999 and started AA ranch with her husband Bill working exclusively with gaited breeds. Bill had purchased the property in 1973 and had moved to Anza with his son in 1975 . Bill and his son's interest in horses began in 1977 when he purchased 4 horses for he and his son. Bill became very involved in the Anza area Lions Club working with the club to host the Gymkhana events from 1976 through 2000 when more of his attention was needed taking care of the ranch.


Bill also worked with Tom Firth & Bobbie Burch putting on the World Championship Team Penning Finals held here in Anza from 1988 to 2001. Funds raised from this event went on to benefit the Hamilton High School Booster Club. Bill has also had the unique pleasure of working with the Anza Lions Club when they sponsored "The Great Cattle Drive." This was a 22-mile journey from Anza to Hemet, California, held in the winter months "It was like A Scene from the Old West" says Bill.

Bill retired from Anza Electric Co-op in 1995 and was elected to the Board of Directors for the Co-op in 1997. On November 13, 2019 Bill Adams passed away. He will be greatly missed!    "Our community has lost one its most respected and belovd residents, one whose contributions and dedication have made this a better place for all of us."   Kevin Short    Click image at left to enlarge and read this tribute to Bill.

With over 35 years of "horsing around", Hope has an extensive and broad background in the horse world. She has extremely well rounded skills in the handling, training and managing of all types of horses. Hope has helped hundreds of clients form that seamless team of horse and rider which leads to the ultimate enjoyment on the trail, the arena and the show ring. Hope Adams has the knowledge, patience and ability to help you gain success with your gaited horse.

Gaits in the Grapes 5/10/2014

Judging Competitions

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Some of our successes in competition:

2008 & 2009
Client's Horse - Cloud Southern Charm
Versatility - Champion
Performance - Reserve Champion


Student Claire Williams - High Point Youth


High Point Youth
Versatility - Reserve Champion


Student Claire Williams - Highest Point Junior Rider
Student April Zimmerman - Reserve Junior Ride
Both of these students are wins at the National level!
Another of Hope's students won - Versatility - Champion










Claire on Ringo winning the Equitation class

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