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Horses In Training....


2012 ....

Here at AA Ranch, we provide a well-balanced training schedule for each horse. Each horse is evaluated for it's strengths and weaknesses so we can develop a well rounded horse. A horse that will go down the trail with confidence, navigate an obstacle course with grace and ease, camp over night or compete at the next show or event with success and enjoyment.

Given that we specialize in gaited horses, much of the training is not only in developing a confident work ethic, but is also directed on developing each horse's gaiting abilities unique to the individual. We work on bringing the best out of each horse while developing their strength as well as working carefully on their individual weaknesses.


Mare in training ~ purchased from AA Ranch.
The Proud New Owner of a Gaited Horse!

Building confidence and skill in a young horse ...


Young Gaited horse working on backing through obstacles .

Young horse working around and over the poles.

Gaiting down the road

Training over poles


Honing the gaits in a Gaited horse on the trail ...




Gaited horses & riders working on road gaits .


Gaited horses on the Pacific Crest Trail ~
All these horses have been trained/ridden/worked by Double AA Ranch.


Would you like to have this pleasant
of a ride on the trail with your gaited horse?

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