Such a beautiful bay with 4 white socks, she stand 15 hands,  with a stout build, foaled in 2001. Yankee would be good for most anyone, a confident beginner would enjoy her and learn so much from her and an intermediate rider would built their confidence level from riding her. She is forward and so safe, rarely spooks, will walk with the slower groups, is a wonderful leader, and good by herself. Yankee is a seasoned riding horse .She will side pass, help you open gates, neck reins, etc.. Does best with gaited groups, and is ok with the slower groups, as her slow walk is so nice and her flat walk is so smooth and easy to ride. Goes thru water, and handles all kinds of traffic, does easy and rough rocky trails, and will also work in the arena. Doesn't pace and has comfortable all day to ride gaits. No kick, no marish habits, no vices, has NO negative health history. I know her background, and she is a solid horse to ride, all shots, feet and teeth have always been well taken care of, always been healthy, no pass injuries, jumps in any trailer, stands for you to get on. Yankee comes with her bit, saddle and pad. She's ready to go down the trail and needs a partner. This is Not a donimate mare . Would be good for a first time gaited rider, and anyone who has had gaited horses would appreciate her 'can do' willing attitude!


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