Age: 8 years old
Sex: Gelding
Height: 15.3 hands 

Watch me has been ridden in Missouri, Arizona, and on California trails.   He has been on several overnight camping trips, camps the very best. Will stand tied all night or in his own corral.   He does not Fence fight. He's also does well in a herd environment. This is a nice friendly , smooth, pretty darn dependable trail horse. Goes where you point his nose, wether it's over mud, water, bridges, and is good with traffic.   He also Does well with different obstacles, such as opening and closing gates, side passing, mailboxes, etc. Also does water out on the trail and puddles or mud. Very good to work with, excellent ground manners and under the saddle manners. This could be your best friend. Big enough for a bigger rider. Nice enough for any level of rider.

Asking $22,500 for this nice easy going guy...



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