This 15 year young horse is well trained and has so many excellent life experiences. Same owner for several years and well handled through out his life ...

He is smooth Gaited, has done several events including, carrying a flag, obtacles courses, team penning and Sorting.  He's fun to ride, up to any challenge.  Preacher has been around sheep and other livestock, good around all traffic, motorcycles, etc..  Preacher is forward moving, sensitive to your leg, rein or seat cues.  He is My pick to take out on trail alone, ponies other horses, loads himself in the trailer, has been on several overnight camping trips. He is not a spooky horse. ..... Friendly and not a dominant horse at all. Needs a full time partner. He can stand around, but does best with regular riding.


Asking $5,500 for this all around guy

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